Who we are

software house
Looking for a software vendor? You are in the right place, what we can do for You?  RESTGroup is a dedicated team of specialists and enthusiasts producing software. We are architects who will design the best application structure, programmers who will create a product in line with expectations, users who will give the application the best look and administrators who will implement the delivered product for operation. We specialize in mobile applications, create multi-platform applications for Android and IOS. We also have experience in creating web or desktop applications. Our specialization also includes producing and delivering websites. If you would like to learn more about our offer or you have an idea for a product, write to us - we will contact You with more details about what we can do for You. We deliver the best quality software.  RESTGroup - the best Software House for You.

We make every effort to ensure that our software is of the highest quality. We specialize in business applications that will support your business and help you earn new money. We also manufacture mobile applications, the platform is not a problem for us. We want your application to be accessible and understandable for everyone. We also care about the appearance and user experience of our applications, thanks to which the tools we create are always understandable and friendly to him. Our products are meticulously tested by testers. We also specialize in the selection and use of services in the cloud, we advise and select the best options for the customer, we help and carry out appropriate configurations.

To make sure that your application is carefully designed, we conduct a business analysis and prepare an accurate cost estimate before you start work. Our work on the product takes place in the Agile methodology, more specifically Scrum; thanks to which the product is always created in accordance with the requirements and in cooperation with the client and meets its expectations - with this type of cooperation there is no question of understatements or problems related to misunderstandings.

We provide the customer with professional support during product creation and after its creation. Our products are covered by a guarantee, we provide a number of services that support after passing the product, we adjust the offer in such a way that the customer receives support in the most convenient way.