Big Data


Big Data is area reponsible by processing, manipulating, analyzing and sending big data sets. We have experience in creation application in this area. We use such tools like Apache Kafka for data upload. Data are modyfied and stored in databases like PostgreSQL. We also provide solutions allowing wide search of data sets based on tools like ElasticSearch.


Postgres is relational data base. Is is one the most popular databases in this kind. It uses SQL language. It is one of databases used by us in projects and applications where data and information are stored.


It is open source search engine. It allows on full search in text documents. It is developed in Java and gives very big number of clients in many programming languages. In projects it is used by us in cases when there is need for quick, scalable and powerfull search.

Apache Kafka


Apache Kafka is message broker. It is library shared by Linkedin and developed in Scala programming language. Her task is to send big data sets and messages containing data, logs, events. We use it in our products to create microservice architecture and architecture based on event source methodology.