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Advantages of Automated Testing

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What are the advantages of automated testing? Carrying out detailed tests is very important in RESTGroup. We adapt the way they are carried out to the implemented project.
In this post, we’ll introduce some of the benefits of automated testing.


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What is Angular? What is characterized by? What is it for and why use it? Why do we use it in RESTGroup? Read the post below and learn some information about Angular. Angular – overview Angular is a fully open programming platform developed by Google, which uses the TypeScript programming language. The framework is based […]

Introduction to Docker technology

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What is Docker? What does it do? Why is it worth using and what it allows? Read the following post and find out. What is Docker and how it works Docker is a platform that allows you to create containers and containerization of applications. Tools is a kind of alternative to running applications in virtual […]

Why you should invest in proper design

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Design – what is out take on it?

Should you take your time to develop some nice architecture for your project or maybe it’s better to start coding right away? What can you gain by investing in architecture? Let’s find out more about proper design.

The Appium tool and its usage

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Appium is one of many tools used in RESTGroup. Choosing the right tool for a project is a key issue. At RESTGroup, we use it to automate tests of mobile applications.

In this post, we will familiarize you with its features and application.