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NativeScript and building mobile applications

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In this post, we will talk about the NativeScript – one of environments we use in RESTGroup. We use it to build mobile applications with. When creating software, it is important to know and choose suitable tools, technologies and technological solutions. This allows You to choose the right resources for a given task. What is […]

Fixed price or hourly rate

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One of the key aspects when cooperating with a software vendor is choosing a method of accounting. The client usually has two choices: settlement for the entire project, i.e. a fixed price settling at an hourly rate What are these approaches characteristic of? What are the pros and cons? In the following post we will […]

Why we use Elixir to build applications

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What is Elixir? Elixir is a modern programming language, originally released in 2012. It’s main goal was to provide high concurrency systems that could easily scale. In this post we will show you some nice Elixir’s pros that allow us to build great applications for our clients. What do we gain by using Elixir? Concurrency […]

Mobile applications – native or hybrid approach?

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Have you ever heard such terms as native or hybrid mobile applications and would like to know what it means. Or maybe you would like to read about the differences between them? In the following you will learn about approaches in creating mobile applications. What are applications created natively? Fully native mobile applications are created […]

What is testing and why is it important?

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People happen to make mistakes. Ancient already knew this, “Errare humanum est,” said Seneca, which means ” To err is human”. Fortunately we can me up for it. Answer lies in testing! In this post we will talk about errors in the context of computer science, specifically software development. Errors can expose the software and […]