Mobile applications


Mobile application are one of our main areas which we specialize, improve and expand. We are responsible for deliver of software on such platforms like: Android and iOS. Created applications are multiplaform but we can take care of implementation in native technology. For development and implementation we use technologies like: Ionic, NativeScript, Flutter. In the middle and after of development process our applications are tested very precisely. Aside from manual tests we also prepare automated tests in technologies like Appium.


Android is one of most popular mobile operating systems. It is based on Linux system and developed by Google. Thanks to open-source type, number of solutions of mobile applications creation is very big.


iOS i mobile operating system developed by Apple. In works on such devices like iPhone or iPad. The system is based on Mac OS software.


Ionic is one of libraries which allows and help with multiplatform mobile applications development. Is is open source software. Created mobile applications with Ionic are hybrid implemented. Technologies like CSS, HTML, Angular are used with Ionic.


Nativescript is another open source software which is used for creation of native multiplatform mobile applications. Technologies like JavaScript, Angular or Vue might be used with Nativescript.


Flutter is also open source library for creation on multiplatform mobile applications. Is is developed by Google. It helps with fast and quick development of created mobile application.



Appium is open source software which is used to automatize tests of mobile applications. It can be configured for testing hybrid and native applications. Platform is developed based on Selenium library. Configuration and creation of a test can be very easy and that's why it gives an advantage with using it. It also gives assurance that created application will work fine and it will be free of bugs.