Web applications


Implementation, development and tests of web applications are one of our main topics which we take on the table. We create application for Your business which will help in firm's processes, b2b applications and applications for users in b2c formula. Web applications are created by us in technologies like Angular with HTML and CSS usage. We test very precisely our applications to be sure that finished product works correctly and without any issues. We can prepare server backend applications, we do it in technologies like Java or Elixir. To be sure that data is stored correctly we use data bases like PostgreSQL. Applications developed by us are implemented on production servers, in the cloud. We help and take care of implementation of an application in cloud services like Amazon Web Services.




Angular is library used by us for development and implementation of web applications frontend. Library use TypeScript language and was created by Google. Web applcations which are created with Angular are modular and scalable.


Java is one of programming languages used by us for development of web and mobile applications backend site. It is object oriented language, maintained by Oracle. Moreover Java is very flexible if it comes to platform where it will be run.

Elixir Lang

Elixir lang is fully functional programming language. Is is used by us to implement application server site. Elixir is characterized by such things like big recursive and usage or processes whith small usage of hardware.

Amazon Web Services


AWS - Amazon Web Services is one of the biggest suppliers of the cloud services. They provide platform which contains all of them. We specialize in AWS usage and we help and implement cloud services - to have the best working applications on AWS.